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Scott Capelin


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Scott Capelin is an entrepreneur, health and fitness expert, business coach, and devoted father based in Sydney, Australia. He is the Founder and CEO of multiple businesses, including inLIFE Wellness, inLIFE Coaching, Streamline Body Sculpting, Growth Club, and Fitness Concierge. After obtaining his business degree, Scott began his career working in the corporate world. 

Over time, he started to notice that his colleagues were working gruelling hours in somewhat meaningless roles and, what’s more, their relationships with those around them suffered as a by-product of their advancing careers. Realizing that he couldn’t picture himself in such a position in the long-term, Scott began studying to obtain his fitness industry qualifications. He had always been active and involved with sports and, after his brother went into the industry, he thought it might be a good career path.   

Throughout his 20 year career, Scott Capelin has come to realize that the missing component in many people’s lives is balance. Imbalance creates poor awareness of the things that make people happy, sustained stress and anxiety, poor relationships, and a never-ending search for passion and meaning. No matter where he looked, he saw people struggling. Through his work, whether in the capacity of a personal trainer, health coach, or business consultant, Scott is dedicated to helping people master and maximize their potential in their health, career, and relationships. 

Both professionally and personally, Scott likes to be a high-achiever and get the most out of life. However, at the heart of the matter, what he really seeks—other than connecting with people—is inner peace. He understands that what he craves is the same craving of those whom he works with. Scott Capelin wants to understand the world, what’s going on within his mind, and, like so many others, is desperately seeking a way to look at the world and stay positive. 

Scott is grateful that, through his work, he can help others get closer to the answers they’re looking for. After all, when people feel better about themselves and how they look, they feel empowered to make decisions that will better every component of their lives. As a consultant, he can help young entrepreneurs understand the importance of balance and relationships in business. Scott is a qualified nutritionist, Master Pilates Instructor, NLP Practitioner, personal trainer, Life Coach, and holds a Degree in Commerce. He has also completed a marathon and three body building competitions

Further promoting the importance of balance in one’s life, Scott is an avid traveller who has been all around the world—at least all the parts he wants to see. When possible, he and his family always have at least one vacation planned. Scott believes that travelling provides a way to immerse yourself in a different culture, subsequently providing a new perspective on life and the way other people live. Above all, though, Scott Capelin seeks ultimate balance through exercise and prioritising quality time with his family. He is a husband of 12 years and the father to three beautiful daughters, and they are the roles he is most proud of.