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Healthy eating isn’t always the easy choice. The delicious and habit-forming junk foods out there are often the most convenient choices. If you want to make a change toward healthy eating, you don’t have to start a fad diet. Instead, consider how to make small changes that will make healthy eating the easy choice for you.

Here are four healthy eating food hacks to make these choices become habits.

1. Make a Grocery List

You will save time at the grocery store and make fewer impulse purchases. When you make your grocery list, keep in mind what your healthy eating goals are. Do you want to eat whole foods? Then don’t add anything from the chip aisle on your list.


Plan your list with what you’re realistically going to eat this week in mind. Be aware that if you have junk food in the house, you will eat it. Make healthy eating the easier choice by having delicious healthy foods at home. Plan for your main meals and your snacks. The better you get at sticking to your list, the easier healthy eating will be.

2. Buy Frozen And Pre-Cut Fruits and Vegetables

If you are already great at prepping your fruits and vegetables, you can ignore this tip! However, many people will avoid eating whole fruits and vegetables because it’s such a hassle to prepare them. You may have all the intentions in the world of getting that done, but end up cooking tater tots again instead.

Frozen and pre-cut fruits and vegetables make this easy. You’re much more likely to roast some squash or add spinach to your meal when it’s a matter of pouring it into your pot from a container.

3. Make Lunch The Night Before

If packing your lunch isn’t part of your morning routine, let it go. It probably won’t happen. And that means you’ll keep picking up lunch every day, which can get expensive and lead to unhealthy choices.

There’s a way around this without trying to fight your morning routine. Pack your lunch the night before. Make this part of your routine when you’re cleaning up from dinner. You may be able to add some dinner leftovers to your bag.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Snacks

If you’re someone who snacks, you’re going to keep snacking. It’s easy to ignore this and believe you either won’t need a snack or simply not count it as part of your healthy eating plan. It’s so much easier to eat junk when there are so many options.

Plan for healthy snacks. Keep them around so they’re an easy choice. Make them simple. Apple slices with peanut butter are full of nutrition. Also consider options like baby carrots, hummus, cottage cheese, almonds, pistachios, or other nuts. One of the key things to healthy snacking is to measure things out ahead of time so you don’t eat more than you intend to. Purchase small containers to measure snacks out in to make this easy for yourself.