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As a general guideline, fat loss involves reducing carbohydrate consumption and overall calorie consumption.

Skipping breakfast and fasting until midday a few times each week can be a simple, convenient and flexible way to achieve this. It is also a calorie reduction strategy and an overall health strategy. It would be great to aim to eat all meals between 12pm and 8pm on at least four days per week (weekends included). Feel free to have an earlier breakfast on the other days, but the more often you skip breakfast (or push your first meal past 10am) the better.

Our body burns carbohydrates before fat, therefore a diet primarily consisting of carbohydrates can hinder fat loss. 

I don’t like being too strict with nutrition because it makes things seem too hard. I do not want this process to be restrictive for you. I just want to help you achieve some great results and hopefully enjoy the process!

Consuming more carbs than we require can lead to fat gain. The reason for this is carbohydrates make us produce insulin which is a storage hormone, and our body is very efficient at storing energy (which is a survival mechanism from 300,000 years ago that we do not require today in a first world country). 

The only other nutrition recommendation is to use common sense, eat less overall, and minimise rubbish! You don’t need to count calories. If we measure and you lose weight and centimetres you are on track. If not then you are probably eating too many calories or too many carbohydrates. Snacking and eating rubbish after dinner brings a lot of people undone. 

I recommend the inclusion of avocado and olive oil because good fats make us produce a hormone called leptin which signals to our brain that we are full. Without good fats whilst keeping your carbs low you get more food cravings.

You can build something tasty into each day if you need it. It is good to be in a calorie deficit for the majority of the time. You can have something enjoyable and still achieve awesome results.